With a unique style I remember Barababac, alter ego of Ludovica Andrina from different shows and fairs. I see in her a freshness, a union of jewellery and watchmaking that awakes in me something endearing.

“A sonte’s throw from Ivrea, Italy, in a house dating back to the 1700s, young designer Ludovica Andrina creates jewelry out of vintage watch apparatus where no two pieces are alike. She calls her brand  Barababac, wich means Cornflower in Piedmont, thus paying tribute to her homeland. She uses gold-plated, 925 silver for her jewels and vitrification to set the minute wheels symbol of the passing, bringing them back to life by adding color. Vintage materials and luxury jewelry held together with creativity and research by Ludovica Andrina”


Sources: www.barababac.com