Looking at my collection of jewels, there’s one, not the best, not the worst but the one that I always need with me for almost all my looks.

It’s like a talisman even though I don’t wear it as one, but it’s comfortable, I feel special wearing this long necklace which comprises a small gold ring, very long ball chain and is finished with an elaborate wing.

It’s a Bjorg piece, and since I’ve been wearing it, I’ve wanted to follow all the news about this brand.

As for my experience, I can say they are very personal jewels which are picked to complement our urban dressing with a touch of personality.

“Time to put on your multi-vision deconstruction glasses, dismantle your Picasso face
and wrap a shiny silverabstraction around your neck!
Embracing the questioning spirit of early modernism, the 2014 BJØRG ODYSSEY
collection is inspired by the avant-garde art movements of the time, from early cubism to futurism, dadaism
and surrealism. Playing with geometric shapes, lines, negative spaces and deconstruction, the collection
absorbs modern ideas of perception and realit y. Straight lines and cutout shapes are balanced with circles,
balls and surrealistic elements to create a playful and intriguing whole.
The BJØRG 2014 collection is based on silver and bronze. All items are plated
with 18 karat gold, rosegold or silver.”

Bjorg, The Fourth Dimension.

Sources: Bjorg