Before looking at specific brands and styles I would like to write about what has been different this year from others, because the show was in this Winter edition a statement about what’s been evolving in the last 3 or 4 years in the world of jewellery.

I’d say that VicenzaOro is the European Fair on Jewellery, not only because there are a lot of enterprises for components makers that never fail but because the best European jewellery brands never miss the show.
In this sense I’d say that VicenzaOro has shown an important approach to new designers that up to this moment was still too soft, a very important step in design for what VicenzaOro represents to retailers and distributors. This approach has an umbrella called Trendvision, a concept created by the Fair about what the trends in jewellery  will be. And with this in mind, we can also find the naming of the pavilions. These are some concepts to describe what is going on in the different places. This year we found names such as Icon, Creation, Look, Essence, Expression, Evolution and Look being, the one more focussed on new designers with a still too small space where some of the novel designers displayed their stuff.

Beyond first impressions, there’s a new pavilion for those huge jewellery brands that have a stake in Vicenza as their fair, every single year. It’s the Icon district at the new pavilion number 7. It’s a fixed space that doesn’t move to accommodate other fairs. The stands are created using such luxurious materials that they are of art in themselves.

But the most important thing above all,is that it’s the first fair in the last 4 or 5 years with a movement of people, who were betting on the jewellery industry and standing up for all those who work and believe in the sector.

As for the jewellery I’d say that we are about to witness the biggest revolution ever due to 3D possibilities. Handicraft work has made a giant step within the jewellery industry. Even though it’s fabulous to keep staring from showcase to showcase the amazing creations and volume of new jewellery designs, It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed that much of the results of authentic work of art where invention is not limited. But I can’t deny that my heart is still with the origins of this amazing and beautiful handmade work. My eyes have always sought what innovative from each designer and now I’ve seen, not one, not two but thousand of different collections and styles.

Such as this evolution the brands have evolve to have a very recognizable natural style with full of different creatures represented in necklaces, rings and bracelets and adorned with the most precious stones in a luxurious style. The urban jewellery  based on silver was more focused on how to wear classic and minimal jewellery differently, on textures, and how to make minimum expression of art in a wearable piece more important.

Please follow me in future posts on Vicenza Oro 2015 to see more specific details about the brands.